Imagined by Photographers, built by engineers,
perfected by designers… This is Irix, the photographer's dream
  • Here at Irix, we understand the need for user-friendly solutions. As photographers ourselves, not only have we accepted the challenge of adopting the photographer's wishes, we have prioritized them as needs. By pioneering our visionary lenses we have maximized your potential to capture the perfect photo. When we set out to create our lenses, we wanted to pay homage to the time-tested advantages of analogue photography, in a way that maximized the latest and most cutting-edge technological solutions. The result? We have successfully crafted innovative lenses that elegantly meld classical design with intelligent technology. Exceptional optical features and practical user-friendly options make Irix lenses the photographer's dream.

  • optimal precision, minimal distortion

    Swiss precision and ingenious Korean solutions make for a powerful combination. Irix lenses are designed to deliver top optical performance and match the demands of full frame matrix cameras. Our wide-angle lenses successfully merge a short focal length with a large aperture. Our intelligent build combined with high quality coatings result in minimal distortion. With this guarantee, your Irix lens will quickly become your go-to tool."

  • smart, sophisticated housing options

    At Irix, we have developed two, unique housing options to compliment our excellent optical performance: the Irix Blackstone and the Irix Firefly. We cater for various photographic needs, whether you opt for maximum weather protection, lightweight housing or low-light condition features, we have the lens for you. Blackstone: Ultimately rugged and durable, and fully weather resistant. Firefly: The super lightweight, ergonomic and economic option. Whichever housing you choose to suit your particular needs, you can rest assured that there will be no compromise on optical performance.

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